Saturday, 13 June 2015

Baby Haul!

Hey guys, as of yesterday I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I spent the first 14 weeks completely exhausted, to the point where I wasn't sure if I was about to be sick or cry :p but I got through it and here I am. Doing well, apart from a cold! Things are starting to get moving, I've got a little bump, we're house hunting, and I'm starting to gather bits and pieces for baby! We're not finding out the gender until the birth so I'm buying things that I don't think are gender specific. Which usually means looking in the boys section if there isn't a great unisex section. This annoys me as there should be much more unisex stuff available, and things like dinosaurs shouldn't be classed as 'boys'! Mini rant over...

Peter Rabbit Dungaree set Marks and Spencers

This set is adorable! It's the first thing I bought for baby, back when I was newly pregnant. It's so soft and I love the corduroy! This set is no longer on their website but they have other Peter Rabbit stuff!

Thick Socks MotherCare

Just basic socks but extra thick! Baby's due at the  end of November so I thought some nice thick socks for the car journey home would be perfect!

Elephant Hat JoJo Mamam Bebe

I bough this a few weeks ago as my hairdresser was running late, if I'd had more cash on me at the time I would have bought the whole set there and then, there's a sleeper suit and a soft jacket which are just so cute! I love elephants so poor baby's going to have them on everything!

Next from JoJo Mamam Bebe is this body pillow!

 It was actually bought for me by my other half as I was having trouble sleeping. My hips and lower back were in constant pain making walking difficult,  but even after just one nap with this pillow they felt better! I was so shocked. This one is also great as it'll double up as a breast feeding pillow when baby's born. I couldn't find the make on their website so I've linked you to a Argos one instead.

Scratch Mittens Babies R Us

Just basic white scratch mittens, not exciting but necessary!

The majority of stuff we've bought s far came from TK Maxx, but as I'm sure you know, their website does not reflect what's in their stores! So, sorry for the lack of links but I'll show you some pictures anyway!
My favourites from T K Maxx have to be the baby grow and the blanket! So cute

If you have any recommendations or tips for pregnancy or motherhood let me know in the comments!

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