Sunday, 7 June 2015

Current Food Favourites

Hey guys,

I'm pregnant (obvious if you read last weeks post, but I'll say more about it in the future)! Very exciting, but it's wrecking havoc with my eating habits! I'm trying so hard to be healthy but do occasionally cave in and indulge. Here are a few of my current sweet treats!

Nakd Bars

I love these for a quick snack, I usually have one in my handbag to eat on the go. They're very sweet but all natural ingredients, raw fruit and nuts squashed together, so they're 1 of your 5 a day! I'm yet to find one I don't like. Perfect! Try a few, then when you love them get them here!

Raw Chocolate
I had this one last time

Any brand, they're all so tasty! These are just great as they're very creamy and indulgent so I don't eat the whole thing at once. My older sister has a great recipe that I'm going to try, I'll get back to you!

Cream Donuts

Especially the ones from Greggs, I know, gross right? But sometimes I just cave in and buy one!

Ice cream

It's so hot in Norwich right now! I always found the heat to be a pain, but it's even worse now. When I go for a walk, I usually end up getting an ice cream (always Ronaldo's  if they sell it). I only buy single serve tubs or cones as I have no portion control!


Especially this one (currently on offer at Sainsbury's)  but really, I'm happy with any type. I love fruit but having to make sure it's been washed again before eating it puts me off (yes, I'm that lazy). Smoothies are perfect, the great taste of fruit with out any hassle

I wish I could start baking again, I used to love my own healthier alternatives but I live in a shared house at the moment so it's not the easiest to spend a day in the kitchen! When that changes I'm looking forward to experimenting and posting recipes :)

Disclaimer: unfortunately this week the photos aren't my own

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