Monday, 15 June 2015

Mani Monday - Lexington Gardens

Hey guys!
 I stopped painting my nails on a regular basis when I fell pregnant due to the nasty chemicals in some polishes. but now it's summer I can paint them outside, which is obviously well ventilated! I have quite a few colours that have fallen to the way side but I'm determined to get some use out of them! I thought a short weekly post would be a great way to make sure I didn't neglect my hands or my polish stash!

This week I've chosen Nails Inc Lexington Gardens, it's such a pretty colour for this time of year!
This is the old packaging but the polish is still fine, although I hope the new packaging comes with a wider brush! This brush was the traditional type that doesn't really fit well with the nail.

This polish would have looked better with a second coat of colour but it was hot outside so I snapped a photo, shoved on a top coat and ran for cover!

I can't remember how long this lasts so I'll let you know in next weeks post!

I hope you're having a great Monday!

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