Monday, 22 June 2015

Mani Monday - London Lane

Hey guys, I hope you had a great solstice! Here's this weeks Mani Monday :)

Nails Inc London Lane - as far as I can tell this was a limited edition winter shade

I thought this deep purple/blue glitter would be perfect for Midsummer's night so I nipped outside to paint annnd.... was thoroughly disappointed. There are a lot of black and blue chunks that cling weirdly, not the beautiful deep mysterious purple I was going for. It would be fine as a sparse top coat over a red in winter but the bottle (it looks much more purple in real life) and description were misleading. I don't have high hopes for it's lasting power either, as last weeks Nails Inc polish (Lexington Gardens) lasted a day and a half, boo! I'm going to stop buying Nails Inc, I get caught up in the hype but in reality, they're nowhere near as good as something like Barry M.

This picture is with two coats in an attempt to save my nails, I'm not sure it made a difference...

I hope your Monday is full of sparkle too! Bye for now

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