Friday, 10 July 2015

7 in 7: Clinique Air Kiss

Day 5, I was looking back at the week and realised just how similar most of the colours I wore are, those were some of my least warn lipsticks so it makes sense they'd be similar. Today I wanted something different, I was going to wear Too Faced Naked Dolly (you'll have to wait till tomorrow now) but the UV index is meant to be high today so I chose Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15 in Air Kiss £16.50. Gosh, what a mouthful, that's exactly why I rarely use the full name of lipsticks, usually brand and colour will suffice!

Although I don't usually wear gloss, this is my favourite lip colour so far this week

If I wasn't doing this challenge I would be wearing a balm with SPF as I find lip gloss  a bit gross and sticky. This is still rather sticky and apart from the SPF this is just a generic lip gloss, maybe slightly longer lasting but I couldn't say. Unless you like to wear lip gloss whatever the weather (it can apparently magnify the suns rays so if it's sunny SPF is key!), save your money and buy a cheaper one! I haven't tried the L'oreal Glam Shine as I don't want another gloss to ignore but I've heard they're great.

That's all folks, see you tomorrow! Bobby

P.S I think L'oreal has repackaged and renamed the lip glosses but I can't remember what they are now, sorry!

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