Tuesday, 7 July 2015

7 in 7: Elizabeth Arden Desert Rose

 Hey guys, welcome to day two of my week in lipsticks! Today, as the title suggests I'm wearing Desert Rose by Elizabeth Arden (£21), a moisturising formula with a colour that's said to last 12 hours (heh, yeah right)! Drastic longevity claims aside, I love the formula. It's quite dry in the bullet so when applied onto product free lips you can get a clean outline without a brush or liner, but on the lips it feels balmy and moisturising. It's exactly what I want!

In the bullet:

First application:

 I like the colour but I'm not so keen on the sheen. Up close you can see it has tiny particles of gold glitter which really isn't for me. However you would only see that if you came really close and stared at my mouth (freak), from normal interaction distance, all you would see is a really pretty colour.

This is it after two hours of wear:

I'm actually shocked, there's still some colour! Slight downside is that some dried cranberry stuck to it, I can imagine it being a very irritating lipstick to wear whilst eating crisps or rice... but, even picking tit off, the colour stayed! Now, this might just be because it's quite close to my natural lip colour and all that's left is gold glitter, but hey, if that is the case, its faded very evenly. I would reapply (it reapplied very well) at this point anyway, but it's nice to know that it still look okay!

I've just realised that in photos, this looks very similar to yesterdays Estee Lauder lipstick. But side by side, today's is a lighter, slightly peachier, more wearable colour which I definitely prefer!

As always, any tips to improve my blog or life, or just if you've tried a product I've spoken about, leave a comment! Till next time, Bobby x

P.S Sorry about the quality of today's photos

P.P.S Tomorrow, the lipstick is drugstore!

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