Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Week In Lipsticks

 Hey guys, I'm currently trying to sort through all my stuff and purge as much as I can before I move! I find this really hard but, I've managed to find a few items to get rid of. I've put my non-maternity clothes that I still loved in storage, but there's still a jumbled up suitcase of clothes to wash and look through. It's decided to rain today so that'll have to wait... typical!

My measly offerings to the bin men, these are so old and out of date, you can probably tell by the grossness. I loved those eyelash curlers from the Body Shop but they started pulling out the eyelashes on my left eye!

 My first thought, was that make up would be an easy place to start, it didn't go too well. I've come to the conclusion that I have too many lipsticks, some I don't think I've ever even warn (stupid beauty boxes)! That along with Khila's (Miss Budget Beauty, she's great) 30 lipsticks in 30 days posts was the inspiration to do 7 lipsticks in 7 days! I'll post a lipstick review every day this week. I'll do this challenge a few times -I have around 30 lip colours, but not 30 days of internet this month-  until I've decided which lipsticks I really don't like or wont wear. A fun way to get rid of some stuff! I hope.

If any of you are attempting a sort out, good luck! Please, please, give me some tips in the comments!

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