Thursday, 9 July 2015

7 in 7: Clinique Super Strawberry

Day four! Half way through my week of lipsticks. Today I'm wearing a Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry £17. It says it's a moisturising lip colour balm, and it certainly is. You could get away with wearing this even if your lips are in bad condition. As a tinted balm, it's obviously quite glossy, much glossier than the Revlon ones, so would look really pretty on other people but I prefer something so pigmented to be more matte. I don't think I'll get much wear out of it at all this summer but I can imagine in early autumn, when my lips start to chap, this could be a nice transition into berry lipsticks. It's not cheap though, if you find your perfect everyday colour then get it, but if you just want a tinted balm, I think Maybelline Baby Lips, texture wise, are pretty similar and only £2.99.

No 'two hours time' picture today as it doesn't claim to be long lasting and it's definitely a pigmented balm rather than a lipstick or stain! That means you can generally feel when it needs topping up, plus it fades naturally so unless you have super pale lips, you don't need to be religious about reapplying.

I'll be back tomorrow with an actual lipstick! Laters, Bobby

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